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 Date of birth:   February 14, 2018
Colorblue-cream tabby tortie (g 22)
Father:  Optimus Prime Largowinch
mother: Arturia Jetta
 genetic tests HCM  SMA  PkDef n/n

родуха Блонда.jpg
Wonderful Sense2
Wonderful Sense1
Wonderful Sense3
Wonderful Sense4
Wonderful Sense5
Wonderful Sense6
Wonderful Sense7
Wonderful Sense8
Wonderful Sense9
Wonderful Sense11
Wonderful Sense10
Wonderful Sense12
Wonderful Sense13
Wonderful Sense14
Wonderful Sense15
Wonderful Sense92
Wonderful Sense91
Wonderful Sense93
Wonderful Sense94
Wonderful Sense95
Wonderful Sense96
Wonderful Sense 81
Wonderful Sense 82
Wonderful Sense 85
Wonderful Sense 83
Wonderful Sense 84
Wonderful Sense 86
Wonderful Sense61
Wonderful Sense62
Wonderful Sense63
Wonderful Sense51
Wonderful Sense52
Wonderful Sense53
Wonderful Sense41
Wonderful Sense47
Wonderful Sense44
Wonderful Sense45
Wonderful Sense43
Wonderful Sense42

Dolce Bestiya Wonderful Sense

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