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My name is Margaret Hodges and I live in Southern WV near Charleston and I decided long ago that I wanted a main coon but the time wasn’t right and other things came up and so on. The time finally came and I decided it was time! I did a lot of research on the breed before and had always been in love with them and it was time to find a breeder. I looked at many breeders from different places and finally found the one. Elena is not just a breeder she loves ALL of her kittens/cats as family and considers them family as well as her husband and son. They interact with the cats as if they are all their own and going to be staying with them forever. She is so responsive to all of my messages and answered all my questions and some questions I didn’t even have to ask. She sent videos of my boy Silas, who by the way is so very handsome and let’s everyone know that. His purring is the sweetest sound and loves kisses and when he hugs me he puts his big arms around my neck and that warms my heart so much. If I knew what it would have been like to have a loving baby like this I would have made a way to have gotten him sooner. He loves laying in the window in the sun and at night he lays with me and he watches tv yes tv he loves it! He is a bit of a rascal at times but that makes him all the more sweeter. My experience with Elena was and still is beyond what I could have imagined. She is ALWAYS there to help with any questions or concerns without hesitation. During the week of Salis’ trip here she was in constant contact on what was going on with him, where he would be at certain times and the exact time he would be here and he was here at that time. I honestly could not have been happier with everything from Elena. There is no other breeder that I would go to or recommend for their main coon. She is the best!


My name is Jessica Collins. I live in Southern West Virginia, U.S.A. I have known Elena Belitskaya for 4 years. And have spoken to numerous times. During all this time. I could tell she cared for all of her cats and kittens as they are FAMILY. And even seen vidoes of the kittens and cats with her husband, her son, and herself. In the vidoes it is obvious her and her family raise these kittens and cats with pure love and devotion. And you can see the cats and kittens giving the same love and devotion back to them. You ONLY get that kind of love. When a kitten/cat is raised with that kind of love! In 25 years of being a cat owner. I have never seen such love and devotion. When I got my boy Charmer in December of 2018. He was instantly loving, cuddling... And even hugging me. Yes. Hugging me. He faces me with his paws wrapped around my neck. And rubs his face. On the side of my face. As he purrs really loud. It's like he is hugging me and telling me... I love you Mom. I have own other Maine Coons from American lines. And I have never gotten so much love! Charmer is the love of my life. SHHH. Don't tell my husband. l.o.l. Now Charmer is not only like this with me. He is like this with my husband and all four of our children. He sleeps cuddled up right between me and my husband every night. He is like a child. He has to be right in between us. Elena's communication was above and beyond compared to any breeder I have ever dealt with before. No matter what time it was she always answered me back. And was always very in depth about answering my questions. And even after I got Charmer she has always been there for me. Helping along the way. I had a really hard time finding vitamins for Charmer. As I wanted to care for him the best I could. And I could not get the vitamins in America that he was on in Russia. I researched all kinds of vitamins. Along side me researching was Elena. And she helped me choose the vitamins here in America that was the best. The ones that had everything he needed. I could not have done this without! She is TRULY there for you and your baby for life! And while I was waiting for the time to come for my boy to be in my arms. Elena sent vidoes and pictures several times a week to me!!! And I did not even have to ask. She even sent a packet with him. And it had pictures of him growing all the way up to the fourth month. At which I got Charmer at four months old. She is the only breeder I will recommend. She puts her kittens healthy number one. And puts so much love and devotion in them. She loves each one as they are her child. And when you get your baby from her. You can see it in your kitten. It breaks her heart to see each one go. But she wants to give the gift of that love. That she receives everyday from her Maine Coons to others. She IS NOT a hobby breeder. She is the only breeder that I know. That I can honestly say... Does this for the love, devotion, and passion of the Maine Coon Breed!


I have done a lot of research looking for a good quality Maine Coon to show. My other desires were to consider the size because I wanted a larger Coon. I purchased a female for show/breeding and was sold on her babies every since. From their coat, health and very gently socialized. I can let small children hold her with no worries in a store. She is now a USA licensed Support Animal. Elena not only has a deep love for every Maine Coon she places, I have found her to be very knowledgeable about the breed and always seeking to learn more. I am getting a show/breeding male from her now. We love Elena and her Maine Coon's so much, Highly Recommend this Breeder!

Paula Miller Montazh Maine Coon Cattery

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 Biggest thank you to Elena for the two beautiful boys we have from Dolce Bestiya. High quality and good natured males and always helpful and supporting breeder. We can highly recommend this cattery and if we ever have one more Maine Coon, it will be from the same place.

Hannamari K. Finland 


Elena is an amazing breeder! She truly is one that believes in the breed and producing quality kittens. We have purchase two kittens from her and they both are compliments to the breed. They came to us beautiful, healthy and extremely loving. They are the best cats we’ve ever had. Even now I message Elena with questions and she is always there to help and support. You will not find a better breeder! Highly recommend!

Anna Giannola-F cattery USA  


Most definitely. I would be more than happy to do that. So many people ask about Alexander. He went to see his Veterinarian yesterday (just for grooming his hair and nails) and the Vet said that Alex was the most BEAUTIFUL MC he had ever seen. He likes to walk around with him showing him off to everyone in the office. He also comments on how healthy he is and his exact word were "This tells me he came from a very intelligent Breeder" It made me feel so PROUD!!!!
Alexander & I send you love & many kisses. 
 Robin S. USA


I’ve purchased 3 kittens from Cattery Dolce Bestiya. Elena is an awesome breeder to work with. She has been so helpful to me. Didn’t hesitate to answer my many questions. My first purchase was a huge gorgeous male. He was so great, I had to have more. You can tell by the quality and temperament of her kittens, that she puts her heart and soul into her babies. They are the most gentle, loving animals. Will definitely be buying from Elena in the future. Couldn’t ask for a more wonderful, honest breeder to work with.

Susan A. USA


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